Everyone knows that with the popularization of the network and the arrival of the 5G network! With the rise of various live broadcast platforms and social self-media platforms, the Internet!
Celebrity economy has become the main force of the Internet! Ordinary people can become a famous person through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and so on! With more fans, the benefits generated will be higher and higher!
Some Internet celebrities even pay more for an advertisement than first-line stars!

Our mission:

Make short video creation easier and realize your internet celebrity dream!

Our vision:

Become the leading short video creator service provider in Asia.

Our perspective:

Unite professionally, innovate and keep pace with the times.

Development Vision

Media Share currently has hundreds of employees in Asia. Most of the members are from the former TikTok and Facebook R&D and operation teams.
 They are familiar with the operation of the short video market and have rich operational experience. Since its establishment, the company has given full play to its characteristics as an industry pioneer and leader, complied with industry development trends and customer needs, actively explored the short video field, and is committed to creating the most professional and innovative short video service industry chain.
 The company has topped the rankings of various live-streaming platforms for many consecutive years and won many precious honors.
The company’s development blueprint and future vision for the next three years

Phase 1: (2023-2024)

The company invested RS100,000,000 for user subsidies, advertising, and technical optimization. We have signed cooperation agreements with more than 100 online celebrity companies to achieve the goal of 5 million+ users in Asia! Cultivate 500 internet celebrities with millions of fans! Achieve advertising revenue of RS100,000,000!

Phase Two: (2024-2025)

Open up the Asian market and achieve the goal of 10 million users worldwide! Become a world-renowned internet celebrity service provider! Create 1,000 million-fan internet celebrities! Achieve advertising revenue of RS300,000,000!

The third stage: (2025-2026)

Start acquiring and merging a large number of qualified internet celebrity companies! Become a world-renowned Internet celebrity MCN organization! Strive to create a group of quality and influential world-class Internet celebrities! We hereby sincerely invite Sri Lankan local users who have Internet celebrity experience, or who want to become Internet celebrities, to join our platform as soon as possible! We will

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